Embrace the adventure of being a father

Welcome guys. My name is Jason and I’m the founder of The Rockstar Dad.

Before my son was born, I don’t think I had even held a baby in my life let alone know how to be a father. But there he was, in my arms on the first day, staring at me, and telling me to take the stage.

It’s been a challenging transition in every aspect, but by far the most rewarding experience. My favorite part has been watching him grow, forcing me to learn and adapt every day. I love playing with him outside and reading stories to him every night. I do wish he would eat better but we are working on that.

The Rockstar Dad Family

Of course, the immense help I have from my wonderful wife Sophie has made the journey much easier. So I understand how important support can be.

That is why I wanted to create a space to share my experiences and write about things that I’ve found useful.

I enjoy being a dad and want to help other dads rock out as well.

The Rockstar Dad is a platform that provides practical resources for all dads.

No matter how experienced you are, being a parent is not easy. And what works for one father may not work for someone else. But if we learn from one another, we can develop our own methods of fathering.

We want dads to laugh and smile at all the joys that come with fatherhood.

What to Expect

Does that sound good?

Feel free to browse through the website and contact us if you have any feedback or want to share your own experiences with us. We always love to hear how other dads are doing.

There’s no such thing as a perfect dad but you can always be a rockstar dad to your kids.